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Film Proofing

Film requirements:  
» Processing C-41 only (we do not process prints from 35mm film)
» Quantity & sizes must be indicated on a glassine.
» Clear instructions for vertical & horizontal prints.
» Masking can be done by us at no extra charge.
» Proofing from film is done in 3½x5, 4x5, 5x5 sizes
*Note B&W, Sepia, composites, S.E, large size prints, please view the digital section click here

Item Description Unit of measure Unit Price
120 Develop Only per roll $2.00
220 Develop Only per roll $2.94
120-3½x5-10 EXP per roll $4.69
120-3x5-12 EXP per roll $5.25
120-3x5-15 EXP per roll $5.94
120-4x5-10 EXP per roll $5.38
120-4x5-12 EXP per roll $5.94
120-4x5-15 EXP per roll $6.63
120-5x5-12 EXP per roll $7.00
120-5x7-10 EXP per roll $13.44
120-5x7-12 EXP per roll $15.81
120-5x7-15 EXP per roll $18.75
120-8x10-10 EXP per roll $22.50
120-8x10-12 EXP per roll $25.63
120-8x10-15 EXP per roll $31.25
220-3x5-20 EXP per roll $9.38
220-3x5-24 EXP per roll $10.50
220-3x5-30 EXP per roll $11.88
220-4x5-20 EXP per roll $10.75
220-4x5-24 EXP per roll $11.88
220-4x5-30 EXP per roll $13.25
220-5x5-24 EXP per roll $14.00
220-5x7-20 EXP per roll $26.88
220-5x7-24 EXP per roll $31.63
220-5x7-30 EXP per roll $37.50
2½x3½ each $0.56
3½x5 each $0.75
4x5 each $0.88
5x5 each $1.25
5x7 each $1.63
6x8 each $2.31
8x8 each $2.44
8x10 each $2.75
10x10 each $3.94
10x12 each $4.94
11x14 each $7.19
8x10 texturing each $0.63
11x14 texturing each $1.25
16x20 texturing each $2.50
8x10 mounting foamcore each $2.44
11x14 mounting foamcore each $3.44
16x20 mounting foamcore each $5.00
20x24 mounting foamcore each $8.75
20x30 mounting foamcore each $12.50
30x40 mounting foamcore each $25.00
School Units   $2.00
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